DeMarco Funeral Homes has made a memorial sign in honour of those who have lost their lives and for those that continue to battle around the world during this horrific time (COVID-19).


During these unprecedented difficult times, we must all extend an extra helping hand. DeMarco Funeral Homes is proud to join the numerous local businesses and private donors who are stepping up and extending a helping hand in the midst of this growing pandemic…. it is truly OUR duty. DeMarco stands proud to lead our local “Food Drive” in collaboration with the Vaughan Food Bank as some of our friends and neighbours in the community are suffering during this horrific time. As a frontrunner in our profession, we must ensure the well being of our community members by giving back to our neighbours who need it most, making a difference in someone’s life no matter how small the donation! We believe that access to food is a basic right, not a privilege.

During these trying moments, we acknowledge and extend a big THANK YOU and a prayer to the front line men and women who continue to care for the victims of the COVID-19 virus under extreme challenging environments. A SALUTE to our doctors, nurses, pharmacists, caregivers, fire & police, paramedics, truck delivery drivers, our armed forces and all those that put themselves in harms way in the face of heightened unknown dangers and risks. We thank them with open hearts.

While it is a very painful moment in our lives, with the grace of God and unity we shall overcome this!

The principals & staff of DeMarco Funeral Homes